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Ensuring Safety: Importance
of Windshield Repair Service

When it comes to rock chips and cracks, you can’t deny the importance of a quality windshield repair service. No matter the size, a crack in your windshield can be quite the safety issue, potentially impairing your version and compromising the strength of the glass. Not only does it put yourself and other drivers at risk, but driving with a cracked windshield (depending on size and location) in Utah is illegal.

Rest assured, when your vehicle suffers a rock chip, the Auto Glass Specialists of Utah will be there to take care of the issue. However, it’s important you call us once you discover the chip, so we can repair or replace the windshield and ensure the safety of you and other drivers on the road. Take a moment to learn the importance of windshield repair service and why replacement is often necessary in Utah.

Windshield Repair Service: Safety Concerns

Obviously, a cracked windshield is never ideal, as repairing such costs money and takes time. Yet, it’s important for every driver to repair or replace their windshield when necessary, as a damaged windshield presents safety concerns to everyone sharing the road. A vehicle’s windshield provides structural support, and when the strength of the glass is compromised by a crack, it becomes more susceptible to further damage—damage that could occur while driving.

Of course, the chance of increased damage is just one concern of a cracked windshield. Additionally, a damaged windshield alters your field of view when driving, that is, when the chip or crack is located toward the middle of the glass. If a crack does alter your visibility, you’re putting yourself and other drivers on the road in danger. In fact, driving with a crack over six inches from the border of your windshield is against Utah law. With this, the need for a quality windshield repair service is clear.

Utah Law on Windshield Cracks

Though size is a factor, most cracks toward the center or your windshield warrant the need for repair or replacement, according to Utah law. The law states, “Windshield cracks at any length may be present anywhere within the six inch border that surrounds the outside edge of a windshield. This border measurement is taken on the outside of the glass from the edge where the glass and the molding meet.” So, any crack within that area (the acute area) exceeding one inch in length of diameter will be deemed unsafe and won’t pass the safety inspection.

Between safety concerns and Utah law, windshield repair service is a must. It’s also worth mentioning that when you put off having your windshield repaired, you allow more time for the crack to worsen, which will only increase the costs for repair. In many cases, the crack can even grow beyond repair and require a new windshield, which is far more expensive than repair.

Damaged Windshield? Call Us Today!

There’s no denying it: windshield repair service is absolutely essential to road safety. It’s also required in abiding by Utah law. If you’ve noticed a crack in your windshield, you should address the issue immediately—regardless of the size, type, and location. You can give us a call at 385.245.9989 or contact us here. Remember, we offer mobile service and free quotes on Honda, Subaru, Toyota and many other makes and models of cars in Utah!