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Beyond Repair: Cost of a New Windshield

While many chips and cracks in your windshield can be repaired without the need for windshield replacement, it is sometimes necessary. Certain chips simply can’t be replaced, while others may grow beyond repair before you’re able to bring your vehicle in. When situations like this do occur, you’ll need to replace your windshield promptly, as a compromised windshield threatens your safety, as well as that of others. Unfortunately, the cost of a new windshield isn’t fixed, and the price will depend on the type of car, glass needed, and even which window needs replacement (other than the front windshield).

Fortunately, when your windshield needs to be replaced, the Auto Glass Specialists of Utah can lend a hand. Though we offer free quotes on our services, we feel it’s a good idea for our fellow Utah drivers to familiarize themselves with the cost of a new windshield and all the variables of such. Take a moment to learn what factors into the cost of replacement to get a better idea of how much it will cost you.

Cost of a New Windshield: Top Factors

Before we discuss the cost of a new windshield and the deciding factors, let’s take a quick look at when a new windshield is necessary. Of course, repairing the damage is always optimal in terms of cost, but it’s not always possible. See below for a list of circumstances that may warrant the need for windshield replacement:

  • Damage on the inside of the glass
  • Damage penetrates both layers of glass
  • Rain sensor is affected
  • Cracks cover field of view
  • Long cracks (over 18 inches)
  • Cracks or chips at the edge of the glass

As mentioned, the cost of a new windshield depends on a few main factors. Typically, you should expect to pay for the cost of the class, as well as the cost of installation. Though many factors will come into place in terms of the total cost, the list below provides the top factors that impact the cost of a new windshield:

  • Vehicle Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Type of Glass

Average Cost of a New Windshield by Vehicle Make

Within the factors listed above, keep in mind there are many variables. If you own an older vehicle, for example, finding the right glass for a certain model may be a little more difficult and affect the overall cost. Regardless, the table below provides cost estimates of a new windshield for a variety of popular vehicles here in Utah:

Make Model Avg. Cost (Parts & Labor)
Subaru 2015 XV Crosstrek $455
Subaru 2015 Forester $475
Volkswagen 2010 Touareg $350
Honda 2012 Civic $275
Toyota 2014 Corolla $300

These costs may vary greatly, considering the year of the car and type of glass you choose to buy.

What’s the Cost of Your New Windshield? Ask Us!

As you can see, the cost of a new windshield for your vehicle will depend on a range of factors. If you’re unsure what your cost will be, or if replacement is even necessary, be sure to contact us today! You can even call or text for a free quote! You can reach the Auto Glass Specialists of Utah at 385.245.9989.