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Safety Glass History: Windshields

31 Oct Safety Glass History: Windshields

You have likely noticed that the glass used in windshields is different than that in home windows or juice glasses. Known as laminated glass, the glass used in windshields is meant to protect from shards of glass in the event of a wreck. Another type of safety glass is used in side windows, this is known as toughened glass.

As Utah’s Auto Glass Specialists, we are apt at replacing cracked and damaged windshields or repair rock chips. Before you contact us for our windshield repair services, let us fill you in on the history of safety glass, both toughened and laminated, and how it has made driving safer.

Safety Glass History: Laminated Glass

As mentioned before, laminated glass is the type of safety glass used in car windshields. Invented in 1902, it actually took a few years before laminated glass was first used in car windshields. By the mid 1930’s, however, laminated safety glass had begun appearing in cars. It was noticed that laminated glass was more difficult to penetrate in a wreck, making it safer for those in the vehicle.

The secret behind this safety glass is the layer of polyvinyl butyral, a type of resin, between the two layers of glass. This resin is perfectly suited for windshields because of its strength and ability to bend without breaking. Once laminated safety glass was used exclusively in car windshields, the roads became much safer.

Toughened Glass vs. Laminated Glass

While laminated glass is used in windshields, a different type of safety glass is used in the side windows of cars. Passenger windows are made of toughened glass, also known as tempered glass. When broken, toughened glass shatters into small chunks rather than sharp shards of glass making it less likely to cause injury in event of a crash.

Additionally, the rear windshield of cars is also made of toughened glass, unlike the front windshield. Because the rear windshield is less likely to cause direct injury, it can be made of toughened glass instead of laminated glass.

Toughened glass gets its strength from chemical or thermal treatments. These treatments make it stronger than regular glass and allow it to break into these chunks rather than into shards.

Windshield Repair in Utah

If your windshield has been damaged, chipped, or cracked, we can help. We offer both windshield replacement and rock chip repair for residents of Salt Lake County. You can contact us online, or give us a call at 385.245.9989 to get in touch with an Auto Glass Specialist today!

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