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Improve Your Visibility In Any Weather

Our exclusive Visibility Improvement Package combines new wiper blades and Aquapel rain repellent for maximum visibility in even the worst weather conditions.

VIP in action

Our premium beam style wiper blades provide uniform pressure across the entire blade for the clearest wipe available. Their design makes them the best choice for all-weather durability, and they are tested to perform over 1.5 million cycles.  Aquapel™ is a hydrophobic polymer that bonds to your windshield to repel rain. When applied to your windshield rain simply flies off your windshield as you drive. The harder it rains the better it works. Aquapel’s chemical bond with the windshield lasts six months. These wipers are $60 a pair at most auto parts stores, and Aquapel sells for $29.95. We’ll bring both to you, a $90 value, apply the Aquapel and install the wipers for only $69.95.

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