Our Services - Auto Glass Specialists
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Our Services

Windshield Replacement (call for a quote)
We provide the highest quality windshield replacement service at a competitive price. If your windshield is cracked we’ll install a new one and restore your car to factory specs so you can drive with confidence.
Are You Paying For Your Windshield?
We work with all insurance companies and we waive $100 of your deductible. You may qualify for a new windshield at no cost to you. Your premiums won’t go up for making a comprehensive claim. The rock hit you. Ask one of our representatives for details.
Rock Chip Repair (covered by most insurance) $39.95
When you notice a small crack or rock chip in your car windshield, don’t wait to repair it. Repairing a chip or small crack in your car’s windshield can extend the life of your windshield delaying the need for a complete windshield replacement.
Visibility Improvement Package (VIP) $89.90  $69.95
Combine new wiper blades and Aquapel for maximum visibility in even the worst weather conditions and save $20. See Clearly Drive Safer.
Wiper Blades $59.95
Tech™ Beam Wiper Blade by Trico®. Step up from a conventional windshield wiper blade to premium beam blade technology at a reasonable price. Memory Curve Steel® beam provides uniform pressure for the clearest wipe. All-weather durability tested to perform over 1.5 million cycles.
Aquapel™ $29.95
Aquapel™ is a hydrophobic polymer that bonds to your windshield to repel rain . When applied to your windshield rain simply flies off your windshield as you drive. The harder it rains the better it works. Aquapel’s chemical bond with the windshield lasts six months.
Glass Cleaner $9.95
The best glass cleaner period. Our 5 Star glass cleaner’s streak free formula cuts through even the toughest grime quickly. Never look through dirty glass again, keep a can in each car and at home.
Save on Additional Services
Just like our VIP package you save on extra services when we’re already at your location. Drive time is a big factor in our business and if you save us a trip we’ll save you money.