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Aquapel in Action for Better Visibility in the Rain

Get an edge on mother nature, drive safer with better vision.

Aquapel is a hydrophobic compound we can apply to your windshield that acts as a rain repellent. How Good is Aquapel? I shot this video six months after I applied Aquapel to the driver’s half of my minivan windshield. It still works great! If interested, be sure to contact your Utah Auto Glass Specialists today!

Aquapel is a patented chemical treatment for your windshield. When applied to your windshield Aquapel creates a hydrophobic surface, repelling water. So, rain simply flies off your windshield as you drive. The Aquapel rain repellent technology creates a surface condition on your windshield that makes water want to roll off. There are other products on the market that provide a similar experience, however, those products tend to be waxes. Although, they work well when you first put them on the windshield, after a very short period they wear off. The Aquapel technology is a chemical bond with the windshield that makes it very durable lasting up to six months.

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